Soon I will be Invincible

Today a book cover design for the funny and occasionally bittersweet 'Soon I will be Invincible' by Austin Grossman.
The Book tells the intertwining story of a hero and a super-villain in alternating chapters. I thought it would be fun if each character's story started at opposite ends of the book, then you would would read towards the middle where the characters meet at the climax of the novel. To read the other side of the story, you would just flip the book over. I liked the whole play on opposing sides, and the way the physical act of getting closer to the other person's story as you read on matched the plot. (I can't explain much more without spoiling it I'm afraid :-) ) Also each of the lead characters are so good it seemed a fun way to show them both off.

From top to bottom: Flat cover art, Fatale as lead character, Dr Impossible as lead character. You could display it depending on your affiliation I suppose!

Worth a read for sure, especially if you are a comic book/superhero fan.