3: This is Po Fook Ancestral Halls/ memorial halls (also sometimes known as Bao Fook). It is a large, modern-ish burial ground near the 10,000 Buddha temple in the Sha Tin area of Hong Kong. Confused tourists often end up here whilst trying to find the 10,000 Buddha temple, which has a small entrance a little bit further down the road. However this place is worth a look anyway, with a big jumble of red and white traditional style buildings which pile up on several layers around a big pagoda in the middle. There is also some really peaceful gardens by the base of the temple full of turtles lazing in the sun.

2: Hong Kong, and just one of the many golden statues at the temple of 10,000 Buddhas. On-location drawing with digital colour.

New series! I love to travel, and I have been fortunate enough to visit some beautiful places with good friends. I thought it was time to let some of my drawings loose from their sketchbooks and revisit some of those amazing places.
This is a sketch done on location in Penang, Malaysia a few years ago. There is a fisherman's settlement which extends over the sea with houses built on wooden jettys. This clan shrine under a huge old tree sits next to a small temple at the entrance. I found the scan loitering on my hard drive and added some digital colour from reference photos I took. Prints of the coloured version available here.

25. I had to finish this series on perhaps my favourite book, and one I read so much growing up; T.H White's The Sword in the Stone. The one I had and loved was the original version, the book was altered by TH White himself when he collected this and three other books into The Once and Future King. I prefer the original, stand-alone version, although The Once and Future King as a whole is really, really good too.
Go here if you would like a print

Sometimes it's fun to play around with older work after a little break...I found out that this was my favourite part of an old portrait I did, so I made a print out of it. Get it here if you want.

24, Lynne Reid Banks with The Indian in the Cupboard, a children's classic. 
Prints available in the shop

23, Kurt Vonnegut. This one is about Cat's Cradle, his darkly funny and sarcastic look at the end of the world.
p.s. Up in the shop

22: Cornelia Funke, of Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath. 
Also in the shop.

21! John Wyndham, author of:  Day of the Triffids, The Kraken wakes, Trouble with Lichen, The Midwich cuckoos and The Chrysalids, all of which I really enjoyedThis one is based on those last two, but hopefully contains no spoilers for those who haven't read them yet. (why not? Go read them!)
This one is also up in the shop.

20: Ursula K Le Guin, author of The Earthsea QuartetThe Left Hand of Darkness and many, many others. Check her out, her stuff is beautifully written and thought-provoking. She has many books I've not read yet, so if anyone has a recommendation, let me know...
p.s I liked this one, so I put it up in the shop

19 is.. Jasper Fforde. Author of the amazing, funny and clever Thursday next series.
18: Catherine Fisher, author of Incarceron, and Sapphique. This one is based on a book cover idea I had for Incarceron a while back.

17: Arthur Conan Doyle and the most famous detective of all.

16: Jeanette Winterson, author of the fascinating Written on the body, and Tanglewreck, a book about time, magical clocks and a girl named Silver.

15: Philip Reeve, and the Mortal Engines series. Love these books! Fans of the series might recognise this one as a reference to everyone's favourite moving city with a giant head in it. I also highly recommend the other books set in the same world as Mortal Engines, like Fever Crumb and A Web of Air.