Books of all kinds

Some more new things, a piece for an article about the release of some classic texts as ebooks, and a personal project; a pretend book cover for the (fictional) novel of the film 'Clash of the Titans'; by my fictional publishers Three Arrow Press. The Harryhausen original film is great, loads better than the new film! (Apart from the stupid golden owl). Check it out.

third arm

A new bit from me, for an editorial pieces about a woman who developed a phantom 'third arm' after paralysing the bottom half of one of her arms. Going for a diagramish feel....

The Lost World

A book cover idea for one of my favourite books. If you've never read it, give it a go. This Illustration is also entered in this months' flair competition . Fingers crossed!

Toucan time

New Illustration about how Toucans keep thier cool (or not).
And Neils (below) won Flair competition last month! Thanks, creativematch!

p.s I've been having a bit of a revamp over at my website Check it out

Niels Bohr

Hello! I'm working on a series about nobel prize winners at the minute, here is the first one, Neils Bohr, a really interesting guy. The bottom one is a mockup so i can see how it could work with the text.
Vote for Neils in 'Flair' competition

new bits and pieces

Hello! A mixed bag today of some pieces for a competition about london cycling (including some adventurous corgis) , an idea for a book cover, and a heroic beggar doodle.

Digital love

New illustration about keeping in contact with loved ones.
Going for a fresh, bright tone.