Here is a new piece that I created for a new book called 'Lucidity', a collection of illustrations on the theme of dreams. I recycled fragmnents of some previous seen and unseen work to create a jumbled-up dream emerging from the sleepers heart and mind.

The Book of story beginnings.

I did the illustration for this a while ago, and I have been meaning to turn it into a mock up book cover for a while. I wanted a beat-up old paperback feel to the cover, to match with the old books that are an important start of the story. It's a great book, and definately worth a read!

animation designs

I've been working on some designs for an interesting project; a live action mixed with animation theatre production! My illustrations will be turned into animations and projected over different parts of the performance. The story has a mysterious and dream-like atmosphere, something I've been trying to capture in these rough ideas for some of the storys' locations.

spring clean

I have been giving my website a spring clean, taking down some old work and sprucing up the whole site! I will be gradually posting some of the older work that is now homeless on the blog; such as these paper toys I created for the paperbird project and for speakerdog paper toys series 5. Now available for your viewing pleasure! top: 'komrade' bottom : 'legend'.

To the Blog!

I've been doing some work on my website recently, and here is a little thing pointing the way to this blog! Featuring the return of a familiar face...

ycn work

Some advert designs for the Young Creative Networks annual competition. My chosen brief was to encourage pop in visits to the National Portrait Gallery. I went for a selection of characters showcasing the diversity of the Gallerys' collection.

The Woodsman

Some theatre promotional items I've recently completed. A poster and the front and back of a flyer. This was a really enjoyable challenge, especially since the play deals with such difficult topics that had to be handled in a sensitive way. The play is now showing at the Old Red Lion theatre, London. Hit the link to find out more: Old Red Lion Theatre (link will open in a new window)

Welcome to the news page.

I have moved my news page to this new address, this will allow me to post news and information about projects as I'm working on them, and other generally interesting things as they turn up. You can sign up to be notified by email whenever I update- just click on the subscribe button at the right of the page or check back regulary to see whats new. Thanks!