Prize for Illustration 2015

I'm really pleased to announce that I have been selected to exhibit as part of the Association of Illustrators 'Prize for Illustration 2015' at London Transport Museum. Here are my entries 'Compound city' and 'London weave', one of which will be part of the exhibition that starts in May.

Hello everyone! I'm going to be deleting some prints from my society6 shop at the end of the month, so here is the last chance if you’d like any of these. Thanks for your support! p.s these are from my ‘creature compendium’ set I did a while back, see all 25 here: Creature compendium

Compound city

 ‘Compound City’. My version of London. The pieces are:

1.Hyde Park

2.London Eye and the City

3.Tate Modern and wobbly bridge

4.Regent’s park

5.South Bank

6.Thames and Blackfriars

7.Red bus

8. The Tube

9. Cycling and traffic

New York Deli

'Travel Tastes' mini Series finished! Number 3: New York Deli: Pastrami on Rye with lettuce, Swiss, mustard, traffic, coffee and Lady Liberty. 2:Yorkshire Fish and Chips and 1:Hong Kong Dim Sum are the other entries. See the whole series here. If you would like a print, they are available in my shop. 

More tasty places to travel: Yorkshire Fish & Chips. Others so far: Hong Kong Dim Sum. Prints available in the shop.

New illustration, HK Dim Sum. I'll be using this blog to post only finished work from now on, so please stay tuned or subscribe by email if that's what you'd like to see. If you want to see more sketches and works in progress as well as finished pieces, please head on over to my tumblr. Thanks! Prints available in the shop.

Calaveras Calaveras Calaveras! The gold and silver coloured one is part of a bigger series inspired by my favourite games. Stay tuned! I'm hoping to do some metallic prints soon, if any fellow artists out there have a recommendation for printers in the UK, please get in touch. Thanks! For now, normal prints are available in the shop.

Illustrated pixel-collage experiment. Based on pixel Manny , day of the dead motifs and lots of little story references. My love of Grim Fandango is returning full force, fingers crossed that @doublefine will release an artbook with it.

Having a dig through the archives today, I found a bunch of Grim Fandango stuff I did over at draw260. I put a bunch of them together into a print, because Manny is still the best. So if you want some Mannys in your afterlife, pick it up here (with free shipping until July 13th). Really looking forward to the hi-def remake, the art direction in this game was amazing.

Enjoying the new single (and amazing video) by FKA Twigs lately, so here is a painting experiment. Digital and pencil. Thanks to Graphic Burger for the mockup files.

A clean version of 'Helms of Transformation' is now up in the shop.

Sneaky peek at something recent I've been working on, and an announcement: free shipping on art prints with this link until the 8th of June (Sunday). Added these new prints too. If there's something you'd like a print of but it's not in the shop, please let me know and I'll sort that out for you. Thanks!

My latest bunch of t shirt designs for the D&D comp over at welovefine. The main influences for this mini-collection include: 80's graffiti, crayon doodling, all the brightest colours, and terrible music-based puns. If you'd like to decorate yourself with these, please head on over to welovefine and give them a vote here:

Really quick warm up painting today with @Sketch_Dailies. Mohawk storm and early 90's Storm are the best.

Joining in with the Gojira fun today over at @Sketch_Dailies.Pencil and Acrylic collage.

CHESS: Red Queen's Bishop, long-range attacker. Grubby pencils and digital colour.

A trio of cousin its for @Sketch_Dailies

Man of Iron for @Sketch_Dailies 

CHESS: Blue Kings' Bishop. Pencil and digital colour. Dragoon-influenced!

Designs for the INGRESS comp over at welovefine, more mysterious symbols! (love that stuff). Up for voting now!

I've been enjoying Steven Universe a lot recently (check out the production teams' amazing tumblr over at: and thought it would be fun to join in the steven universe comp over at welovefine.  I'd been reading some 80's comics when I did them, and I think that came out in the colours I went for!

Next one in CHESS series, Blue Queen. This lady warrior is based on a mixture of Mongolian, Persian and Indian armour. The whole series so far can be seen HERE. There is also free shipping in the shop with this link until Monday 11th May.