The Canterbury Tales

I'm part of an Illustration collective, and one of our recent challenges was to design a new book cover for Chaucers' Canterbury tales, and here's mine. I enjoyed having a go at some pen and ink drawings, not done those for a while! My idea was to show the different characters and elements of thier stories, but keep it all looking like it belonged as part of a set. Sort of like how all the various pilgrims are travelling together in a big mis-matched group. I wanted it to look old but not grimy. If you've not read them, give them a go. The stories are really old, but full of lively characters bickering and telling tall tales.

some new things

Here is some sneaky peaks of what I've been working on recently, I can't show the whole things yet. Sorry!
My Shakespeare illustration has been entered for this month's Flair competition, see it here.
More to come soon, thanks for reading!