Really quick warm up painting today with @Sketch_Dailies. Mohawk storm and early 90's Storm are the best.

Joining in with the Gojira fun today over at @Sketch_Dailies.Pencil and Acrylic collage.

CHESS: Red Queen's Bishop, long-range attacker. Grubby pencils and digital colour.

A trio of cousin its for @Sketch_Dailies

Man of Iron for @Sketch_Dailies 

CHESS: Blue Kings' Bishop. Pencil and digital colour. Dragoon-influenced!

Designs for the INGRESS comp over at welovefine, more mysterious symbols! (love that stuff). Up for voting now!

I've been enjoying Steven Universe a lot recently (check out the production teams' amazing tumblr over at: and thought it would be fun to join in the steven universe comp over at welovefine.  I'd been reading some 80's comics when I did them, and I think that came out in the colours I went for!

Next one in CHESS series, Blue Queen. This lady warrior is based on a mixture of Mongolian, Persian and Indian armour. The whole series so far can be seen HERE. There is also free shipping in the shop with this link until Monday 11th May.