My entry for GOD-ZINE-LA! being run by the super-talented Hamish Steele, check out his stuff here: I had tons of fun making mine, a CMYK low-fi tribute to the majestic "Godzilla Vs. King Kong", the stupidest, most entertaining film of all! Witness a man in a bad gorilla suit tear up Tokyo, Mount Fuji and Atami Castle! Marvel at King Kong's inexplicable new electricity powers, and be amazed at a Mount Fuji showdown that looks like two drunks fighting outside a bar. Check out the zine and some of the amazing entries here:

I might not make it into the zine, but I certainly enjoyed myself!

I'm miles behind on #WizardingWednesday, but I'm going to attempt to catch up. I'm never in on wednesdays, so I'll have to post it now. (It just turned Wednesday here in the UK, so I guess that counts!) I'm sticking with my black/white and a bit of colour thing, and here is number 7:Troll, and number 8: Fred and George Weasley. These have been hanging around my sketchbook for a little while, time to let them out! I apologise to the guys at Wizarding Wednesday for muddling their order up.

Warm up drawing from yesterday. My favourite part of this film was the cloak.

Travel sketchbook 22, coffee overlooking the square in Krakow, Poland. This one and Wieliczka Salt mine are also up in the print shop.

Travel sketchbook number 21, Wieliczka salt mine near Krakow, Poland.

A spruced-up clumsy storm trooper is making his debut in the Star Wars T shirt comp over at WeLoveFine. Check out the other great designs and get rating HERE . Mind your Head!

Today’s warm up, birthday party Hellboy. Hellboy belongs to the super talented Mike Mignola.

For the March #DrawVader challenge set up by @themooks (

This was meant to be a quick warm up, but I got a bit carried away. Bee and puppycat belong to Natasha Allegri: watch it here:

Enjoyed my quick paint the other day, so here is another. Hyper Light Drifter. Looking forward to this game.

Here is my final design: 'Helms of Transformation'. Had lots of fun making this one; Classic transformers plus magical helmets plus 80's-tastic neon. Shockwave redesigned as a jousting helm is probably my favourite one in the end. If you're on welovefine, the designs are open for rating here:

A sneak peak of something I've been working on recently.

Calcifer for Ghibli Jam 2014. Ages ago I did a illustration of him when I was doing some pixel art, and I wanted to try a thing mixing that with digital paint. So it's old...but also new?

Some glow-y pixel-y goodness for the homestuck contest at welovefine. Rating starts soon! And a new promo in the shop: Free worldwide shipping and $5 off with this link.
Free worldwide shipping until March 9th!
If you would like some of my stuff decorating your walls, that link gives you free shipping on art prints in my shop until March 9th. Hurrah!