B for Borrible. The Borrible trilogy by Michael de Larrabeiti, a classic from the 1980s. An odd combination of Oliver Twist, Peter Pan, and feral children with a penchance for violence and thievery. Worth a read! My favourite part is the way the author writes about London.

Here’s the first in a joint project I’m starting for fun with my fellow illustrator Miss Robinson. We’ll be illustrating an A-Z list of literary things that inspire us, and sharing them on our joint blog, PirateUnicornDesign. Here’s my first, A for Akira.

Chicken trilogy is complete! This one is a Lakenvelder from Germany.

More chickens! Here is a fancy Belgium type called a Silver Campine. 
Finally finished off on old sketch. Turns out drawing chickens is pretty fun.

Travel sketchbook number 14, the statue of Kwun Yum (a.k.a Guanyin) at the Ten thousand Buddha temple in Sha Tin, Hong Kong. I was having a go at mixing circular shapes with jagged triangular bits, quite like how it turned out. Here's a print.