film poster time

Carrying on with my one in a day attempt at film posters, here is one of my favourite films: Stranger than Fiction. Watch it! disclaimer: photo of Will Ferrell is not mine, everything else is my artwork :-)

Film poster time

Today's film poster is for the beautiful Ikiru, by one of my favourite directors Akira Kurosawa. Going for a quiet, reflective feel, in keeping with the atmosphere throughout the film. If you haven't seen it, it's really worth checking out.

Pirate Unicorn Designs

Hello! You may recall that I mentioned I had started a new project called PirateUnicorn Designs alongside a fellow Illustrator. I'm pleased to announce that our new shop is now OPEN for business.

Touchscreen Technology

New editorial Illustration to surround an article about touchscreen technology.

Film poster time

Sorry it has been so quiet around here lately! I've been experimenting with some pixel art illustrations recently, as part of a fun new project with Fellow Illustration Ms. Robinson: PirateUnicorn Designs. We are collaborating to design cards, badges and anything else we fancy! I will be able to show some some work soon, as soon as our online shop is live :-)
In the meantime, a poster design for the excellent film: The Truman Show. I'm seeing what happens when I combine pixels with pencils; so far, I like it!
I have also got myself a tumblr, ( which will be a mirror of all the posts here. If you've not got one, try it out!


Here is a new editorial I have just finished, about the joys of getting on your (recycled) bike. You can also see it in this month's flair competition.


I went on a nice relaxing trip to Cromer with a few friends not too long ago; so here is my version of my favourite spot on Cromer beach. You might see it up at they draw and travel sometime soon hopefully!

Jane Eyre


I've been enjoying doing some book cover redesigns lately, here is a just for fun piece for a Jane Eyre redesign competition on the fox is black design blog have a look to see the other entries. It was fun trying to capture the gothic romantic atmosphere of the book without going too murky or dark. I'd not read the book before, so it was cool to give it a go; I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.
ta-ra for now

The Paleo Diet

Sorry it's been a while. I'm redoing my website at the moment, and it's taking longer than I wanted! Here is a new Illustration I have just finished, for an article about 'The Paleo Diet'. It's a healthy eating plan about having seasonal fresh veggies and local meat and fish. It's up for voting in this months' Flair competiton

Quite Honestly

Here's some of the ideas I had for a book cover of John Mortimers' Quite Honestly . It's a farce/crime-romance sort of thing, fun and frothy. I liked them both so combined them into the final cover below. Wanted to show the topsy-turvy nature of the characters relationship in the book, and the opposite places and situations they end up in. I can't say anymore without spoiling it! :-)

I love Books

Hello, here is a new piece, and a reworked older one! i have decided to try and Illustrate the cover for every book I read from now on, so here is the first one: 'The Uninvited' by Geling Yan. Wish me luck! I also turned an older piece into a proper cover- the amazing ' The Lost World' by Arthur Conan Doyle. Read it now!
p.s if you have any books to recommend to me, leave me a comment!

Aoi Thames competition

Here is my entry for the aoi and london transport museum competition to design a poster celebrating the thames. Mine's called 'System Map' and it's about the Thames as the lifeblood of London, and all the life that pops up on its banks. I was thinking about the human circulation system and the tube map when I did it. I'm happy to say it's one of 50 that have been selected to exhibit at the London Transport Museum. Hurrah! The exhibition opens in May 2011.

Ghost Record

A new illustration for a Swedish magazine article about how hard it is to throw things away, and the emotional attachment we have to our stuff.

The Canterbury Tales

I'm part of an Illustration collective, and one of our recent challenges was to design a new book cover for Chaucers' Canterbury tales, and here's mine. I enjoyed having a go at some pen and ink drawings, not done those for a while! My idea was to show the different characters and elements of thier stories, but keep it all looking like it belonged as part of a set. Sort of like how all the various pilgrims are travelling together in a big mis-matched group. I wanted it to look old but not grimy. If you've not read them, give them a go. The stories are really old, but full of lively characters bickering and telling tall tales.

some new things

Here is some sneaky peaks of what I've been working on recently, I can't show the whole things yet. Sorry!
My Shakespeare illustration has been entered for this month's Flair competition, see it here.
More to come soon, thanks for reading!