film poster time

Carrying on with my one in a day attempt at film posters, here is one of my favourite films: Stranger than Fiction. Watch it! disclaimer: photo of Will Ferrell is not mine, everything else is my artwork :-)

Film poster time

Today's film poster is for the beautiful Ikiru, by one of my favourite directors Akira Kurosawa. Going for a quiet, reflective feel, in keeping with the atmosphere throughout the film. If you haven't seen it, it's really worth checking out.

Pirate Unicorn Designs

Hello! You may recall that I mentioned I had started a new project called PirateUnicorn Designs alongside a fellow Illustrator. I'm pleased to announce that our new shop is now OPEN for business.

Touchscreen Technology

New editorial Illustration to surround an article about touchscreen technology.

Film poster time

Sorry it has been so quiet around here lately! I've been experimenting with some pixel art illustrations recently, as part of a fun new project with Fellow Illustration Ms. Robinson: PirateUnicorn Designs. We are collaborating to design cards, badges and anything else we fancy! I will be able to show some some work soon, as soon as our online shop is live :-)
In the meantime, a poster design for the excellent film: The Truman Show. I'm seeing what happens when I combine pixels with pencils; so far, I like it!
I have also got myself a tumblr, ( which will be a mirror of all the posts here. If you've not got one, try it out!