12. Beware of wolves in deep dark woods.
p.s no illustrations over the weekend, as I'm going away. I'll catch up when I'm back!

11: A rodent of renown


Number 6. King of the Jungle dry Savannah forest.
Number 5: Tigers, tigers, burning bright- or coming for tea. (William Blake and Judith Kerr, respectively).

The Owl and The Pussycat

Here is the Pussycat, from ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. Not all cats wear captain’s hats, but this one does.


Today's drawing, and number 2 in our series is the Wren.

Announching...Daily drawing

I have been neglecting my blogging of late, even though I am busy Illustrating away (honest!). So I will try from now on to post a little something every day. A daily homage to the 'Illustrated guides to the world' and books of fairy-tales and nursery rhymes and everything else that inspired me when I was a much smaller Illustrator crayoning all over the walls. Number 1 of the 'Creature Compendium': Blackbird, because I can see one out of my window right now.

The Big Lebowski

I am enjoying my minimalist movie posters at the moment, so here is my tribute to The Big Lebowski; a fairly odd film that I saw for the first time not too long ago. I wanted to capture the whole mistaken identity/mixed up lives thing using the rugs that both Lebowskis are so obsessed with.