I hear it's drawing Calvin and Hobbes time over at http://mookiest.tumblr.com/. I can't resist joining in even though I am not on twitter, so here's my version of one of the best double acts around.
New editorial mockup about art theft. Illustration by me, text belongs to The Washington Post online.

Another Editorial mockup, this time about the wonders of Royal Jelly. Article text belongs to 'Healthy' magazine, Artwork © carlydraws.

'Have hammer will Smash'. A piece inspired by one of my favourite games. Have one for your wall.

Some new editorial work, Seal Family! The Illustration is based on an article on the BBC news website, so I made a mockup of how it could look if used. (Article text and BBC website design © BBC, etc). The illustration by itself is available as a print here. Can you spot the imposter seal cub? 

Mini Update! The Eden Project liked my Illustration so much they asked to use it as their facebook profile. Thanks guys!
I've been catching up on some classic manga recently, so here's a little sketch I did as a warm-up. Astroboy/Mighty Atom by the great Osamu Tezuka.

Work in progress, part of a big piece. More bits soon! 

Number 8 of Travel Sketchbook: The Batu Caves in Malaysia, which are amazing! You climb 272 red and white steps past this huge gold statue of Lord Murugan ( a Hindu Deity ) to incredible caves with colourful temples inside. The little path on the left leads to the dark caves, where you can take a torchlit tour to see ancient rock formations and hear the millions of cockroaches scuttling around you. Prints available here.