Hello, I am back from my travels and back at my sketchbook. Saw Drive the other day and really enjoyed it, especially all those neon colours! Here’s some sketches of a poster design I’m thinking about for it.

Work in progress

Hello hello! I finished reading ‘Soon I will be Invincible’ by Austin Grossman today, and enjoyed it very much. Here is my exceptionally rough sketch for a cover idea. I’m going away for a few days soon, but I hope to final version up not long after I get back. Until then, this little scribble shall have to do! :-)

Drink ye harpooners!

Another cover today; one of the all-time classics, Moby Dick. I now know more about whales than I ever thought possible! I’ll post my next cover as soon as I have finished reading the next book- only got a few chapters left :-)

More book covers

Today I've been sprucing up a design I did a while back for the wonderful Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. The Book is set in a gigantic prison, and I really wanted to have a hand-drawn map feel but with high tech elements to it, to match some of the themes in the book. I can't say more without giving too much away so you'll have to go read it instead!


Ooops! I have been neglecting my blogging and tumblr of late- sorry! But I have been drawing away, and to prove it, here is a book design I've been doing for fun. It's the delightful and strange Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.