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A quick sketch from me today for Wizarding Wednesday, as I have no time! I'll hopefully get a chance to finish it next week. I based fluffy on Komondor dogs, a really old guardian breed. Also called 'mop dogs' for obvious reasons.

A last minute entry for welovefine's Sesame Street contest. Was fun to do a little homage to the lovely graphic design of the NYC subway system. Here is the contest page, and an interesting read on the graphic design of the NYC subway. If anyone besides me is interested in the font, it's Roboto.

Wizarding Wednesday number 4, Professor Quirrell.

A portrait of a younger McGonagall, for Wizarding Wednesday.

I found some festive stuff I did a while back, don't think I ever posted it so here's one of them. Had a lot of fun doing some hand-drawn typography on this one.More as we get nearer festive times! The coloured one is available in the shop, with free shipping until midnight on Sunday 17th (pacific time). Use this link to get it.

Here is number 2 for Wizarding Wednesday, The Dursleys. Complete with an unintentionally creepy Harry looking on from his cupboard.
My entry for #Wizarding Wednesday. Digital, pencil and acrylic paint. Looking forward to making the rest. Thanks for starting this up guys! 

According to legend, the warrior Queen Boadicea is buried under King's cross station. This is my entry for the Association of Illustrator's competition.

Happy Halloween! (Also: new prints are up in the shop!)

Some superhero antics today, with a redo of wonder woman. I really wanted to give her a Tyrian purple cloak (to reflect her royal roots), because I was reading about it here earlier.

Hello! I have recently returned from an amazing trip to Poland, and so here is a chronicle of our 4 train journey from the countryside of Lublin to the beautiful city of Krakow. There is a long version, and the 3 parts that make it.

The next entry on the literary list is I for Ishiguro, Kazuo. Here's my book cover design for 'When we were orphans'.

Red Queen's Rook, final art plus sketches and pencils. 

I've started some character designs based on a red and blue chess set. Here is the rough sketch and final for Blue Queen's Rook.

Playing around with pattern and limited colour today, with my favourite mutants.
I got a bit carried away doing lots of little bits on my Olympus piece, then realised they were so small it was hard to see them. Here's a close up.

Here's my latest illustrationy thing, inspired by the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. The one with text hopefully says 'Greetings from Olympus' in that cheap-sent-last-minute postcard kind of way. If you would like one to decorate your house/cabin/parthenon, here is the link. (With free shipping worldwide until Sunday 30th.. via Hermes maybe?)

Today's drawing, an imaginary poster for Robyn's excellent 3 album series Body Talk. Check her out here. Prints in the shop here.

Travel sketchbook number 16: Memories of Toronto and the lantern festival that we went to there. Prints are here, if you want one.

"Hir yw'r dydd a hir yw'r nos, a hir yw aros Arawn". (Long is the day and long is the night, and long is the waiting of Arawn).
A piece that accompanies this illustration from forever ago about different mythological figures from all over the world. Here is Arawn from Wales, and his pack of magical hounds. Find out more about him here at Wiki. 

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Having a bit of a studio tidy today, and I found the colour version of Simon  from this piece I did a little while ago. Thought I'd post him here instead of letting him molder away on my PC. Be free, tiny Simon!
H for Harry Harrison and 'The Stainless Steel Rat'. Think Bond + con men + space + homicidal femme fatales in a retro-future funny kind of way and you're nearly there.

G for Gaiman, Neil and 'The Graveyard Book'. American Gods and Neverwhere by him are also great, but I think The Graveyard Book is my favourite so far!
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I'm enjoying limited colour and guitar-playing vampires at the moment; so here is Simon from 'The Mortal Instruments' to join my picture of Marceline from Adventure Time.

Here's F for Fforde, and Thursday next. I had a lot of fun looking at old pulp fiction paperbacks to get reference for this one. 

Some drawing practice today, charcoal with digital colour. Here's marceline from Adventure Time. 

Nan Lian Park, Hong Kong. Number 15 in the Travel Sketchbook series.

Today's warm up drawing. Print?
Here's the final: E for Eddings, David. Fantasy Quests, Magical powers, giant swords of flaming blue death. What more could you want? I liked this one, so I put it in my shop.

I've been away, so I missed last week's literary A-Z. Here's the sketch,
and I'll have the final up soon! This is E for.....Eddings, as in David
Eddings. He is the author of the Belgariad and Mallorean, a traditional
fantasy series with a lighthearted tone.

A little doodle for fun, a man dressed like a bat and his avian sidekick.

Some practice at drawing characters today, this is Isabelle Lightwood from 'The Mortal Instruments' by Cassandra Clare, which I picked up not long ago.

D is for Diana Wynne Jones. Here's Calcifer from Howl's moving castle.

I've been re-reading 'Fly By Night' lately, and here is my version of Chough, Mosca's home village. 
C is for Cassandra Clare, author of 'The Mortal Instruments' series.
B for Borrible. The Borrible trilogy by Michael de Larrabeiti, a classic from the 1980s. An odd combination of Oliver Twist, Peter Pan, and feral children with a penchance for violence and thievery. Worth a read! My favourite part is the way the author writes about London.

Here’s the first in a joint project I’m starting for fun with my fellow illustrator Miss Robinson. We’ll be illustrating an A-Z list of literary things that inspire us, and sharing them on our joint blog, PirateUnicornDesign. Here’s my first, A for Akira.