Some painting practice today, 1990s Storm and her giant shoulderpads from an old comic I picked up recently.

Update: print available here.

Mini Update: Eden project is now up at They Draw and Travel. See it here on the website and the shop.

Work in progress, a little bit of a much larger piece inspired by one of my favourite games.

Finished! Number 7, the Eden project, Cornwall. The Eden Project is a bunch of huge greenhouse-dome things in Cornwall, that have amazing rainforests and all sorts of cool plants and sculptures inside. They sit in a hollow in the hills, and at night they glow gently like giant fireflies. If you're anywhere near, go see! I'm really enjoying this project even though it's slower going than some of the others. I hope you are enjoying it with me!
Hello! prints of Hong Kong Harbour, memorial halls, and Cromer I and II are now available in the They draw and travel shop. Thanks a lot Nate & Salli!

Work in progress, a colour sketch for number 7 in travel sketchbook, the Eden project, cornwall, UK. You might be able to spot some of the last illustration lurking in the background, I like to paint right on top of the old work and layer things up. This one will be finished soon hopefully! Also, check out the Eden Project, well worth a visit.

Travel Sketchbook 6: Hong Kong Harbour. One of my favourite parts of Hong Kong was the skyline. The angular shapes of the skyscrapers contrast against the rolling mountains behind, and the clouds pile up behind the peak. This is a condensed version of the skyline as seen from a boat ride around the harbour, with all my favourite bits in it! Now up at They Draw and Travel. Thanks Guys!

Number 5 in the much-delayed travel sketchbook series...a peaceful image for a peaceful place. Cromer beach in norfolk, UK. And yes, I have been there before.
Also news: free shipping in my society6 shop untill this Sunday (16th). 
(update) this map is now live on they draw and travel. 

Sprucing up a bit of older work today, a book cover design for Chaucer’s Canterbury tales. If this was a real thing, I would have the cover made of really dense, soft manuscript-y type paper. (But it’s not, so I have to imagine!). Stay tuned for some more travel illustrations, I have a few on the go at the minute.

Hurrah for Science! I've been wanting to do a series about science and how things work for a while; maybe a book, or some posters to put up in classrooms or something like that. Here is the first attempt at seeing how this could work... I wanted a modern, fun take on the old school diagrams I used to get. Let me know what you think?

Finished it! Here's the final book cover art, and the cover mockup. The front cover art is here as a print.

More work in progress! A wrap-around book cover design for a classic. I like the idea of the full picture only becoming clear when you open the book out and have a proper look.

The final version of 'Freyr' is done, and there is a print version too, without the text. Sorry it's taken so long, but expect more illustrations soon!