A clean version of 'Helms of Transformation' is now up in the shop.

My TMNT design 'Carapace' is now up for rating at welovefine.

Sneaky peek at something recent I've been working on, and an announcement: free shipping on art prints with this link until the 8th of June (Sunday). Added these new prints too. If there's something you'd like a print of but it's not in the shop, please let me know and I'll sort that out for you. Thanks!

My latest bunch of t shirt designs for the D&D comp over at welovefine. The main influences for this mini-collection include: 80's graffiti, crayon doodling, all the brightest colours, and terrible music-based puns. If you'd like to decorate yourself with these, please head on over to welovefine and give them a vote here: http://contest.welovefine.com/contest