'Gogmagog'. An ancient tale, the hero fights the giant Gogmagog and helps found Britain, with London as its capital. Inspired by bronze age artifacts found in the Thames.

The Detective


'The Detective'. Book cover illustration inspired by the detective story, 'The Cuckoos Calling' by Robert Galbraith. (personal project)

Tech support

Today, a quick note from tech support at carlydraws. The new GDPR guidelines begin today, so a reminder that you can subscribe to either of my newsletters to be sent email updates- carlydraws tumblr update (for social media updates, new work and sketches) or carlydraws illustration update (for new work only). You can unsubscribe from either at any time by clicking the link in the footer of the emails. The feeds are supplied via feedburner, and i will not share your details (your email address) with anyone, or use it for anything other than sending newsletters. Thanks!

Goodnight, Seahorse


Happy to say that  ‘Goodnight, Seahorse’ my board book about a sleepy seahorse, publishes today! Available here 

Book Skyscraper


'Book Skyscraper' magazine cover for Storyworks magazine, USA.


Bookworms United, a team of people that love to read. Personal project in character design.
Sketches and work in progress shots are available on my tumblr blog.
Prints available at INPRNT.

Book illustrations- Fly by Night

Some new portfolio pieces, interior illustrations for 'Fly by Night' by Francis Hardinge. Pencil, digital. Sketches and work in progress shots are available on my tumblr or instagram. Prints available here.