Innovation starts with inspiration, a bright spark that becomes a galaxy of ideas. 

Illustration for the Association of Illustrators 'Inspired to Innovate' exhibition, Hoxton Arches, October 10 - October 12
Prints will be available soon from the AOI shop. 


Beastly Biomes

'Beastly Biomes' is out today! Published by Creston Books, it's an introduction to the world's biomes and some of the amazing animals that live there. Available in all good bookshops and online. I hope you'll enjoy it!

More information here:

Detail shots and making-of pictures are available on my instagram or twitter. 


MINOTAUR, the fourth and final piece in my 'Greek Myths' series. The monster Minotaur waits in the maze. Prints available in the shop.  The previous illustrations in the series are ICARUSMEDUSA and PERSEPHONE.


PERSEPHONE, the third in my 'Greek Myths' series. Persephone descends to the underworld, taking the warmth of spring with her. Prints available in the shop.  The previous illustrations in the series are ICARUS and MEDUSA. 


'Welcome' a new illustration about snowy nights and fun times. Featuring happy dogs, a grumpy cat and the people you love in comedy jumpers.


MEDUSA, the second in my 'Greek Myths' series. Prints are available here. The first in the series was ICARUS, here.

Animal Antipodes

 Animal Antipodes, my new book, publishes today in the U.S with Creston Books.  Available at all good bookshops and online. Please see my Goodreads page for a helpful list! Reviewed by Kirkus here. Detail shots, making-of and more is available on my instagram or twitter. Thanks for reading!